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Welcome and congratulations on registering as a HorsePower Australia Participant.

As a new participant, we hope that you become part of our HorsePower Australia community and enjoy the fun and laughter along with the great many skills that you will learn along the way whilst engaging in our programs and activities.


In 2022 HorsePower Australia will distribute a regular newsletter for you to read; these will come out each term and will be a good way of knowing what’s going on in HorsePower Australia across the state. As you read through it, you will start to become familiar with the people and activities that make our organisation as special as it is. Be sure to check out the list of scheduled events and activities that appear in each newsletter so you can join in whenever you can. 


Please bookmark our website which is where you will find complete information on HorsePower Australia along with a few of our stories. If you are a part of the Facebook online community, be sure to like and follow the HorsePower Australia Facebook page, which is updated with events and happenings regularly.


Each year HorsePower Australia aims to hold a variety of state inclusive competition days including our 'Mane Event', Dressage, Vaulting and Carriage Driving Competitions we hope all can attend and join in wherever possible. These are designed for participants of all abilities, to meet and socialise outside of their local centres, showcasing their new skills.


As an inclusive disability sport and active recreation provider, not for profit organisation, we also run fund raising activities throughout the year including our sponsored ride 'Saddle Up' and Night at the Races Dinner, we hope that participants and their families can support these important fundraising events by;

  • Getting involved or purchasing tickets

  • Donating or organising a donation for our charity auctions

  • Introducing us to potential sponsors

  • Liking and sharing our event posts on social media.

These events are also great fun and a great opportunity to get to know other within our organisation.



Kelly Mansfield
Executive Officer 
HorsePower Australia 

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