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There's so much to love about being a volunteer at  HorsePower. Our horses. The participants we support. But most of all the priceless transformations

our participants will make with your help.

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Individual Opportunities

We have regular, weekly, volunteer opportunities for individuals that include walking beside a horse, handling a horse, assisting with regular maintenance around the centres, administration, promotions and events. 

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Group Opportunities

Group volunteer opportunities are great for local community groups, university student groups, high schools, and corporate teams. Help at a centre or with a special event or project.

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Work Experience

Work Experience opportunities are available for those interested in learning about working with people with disabilities, animals, or the equine-assisted activities and therapies that we offer. 





Hours of time


Of our workforce are volunteers

Benefits of Volunteering


Helping others through volunteering builds connections with the participants and the horses. Volunteering is a great way to connect with the community and volunteers support all aspects at HorsePower including horse care, assisting participants, administration, property maintenance and event planning.


Our staff and volunteers work together, forming a vital team that is essential to our participants’ success. Individual reasons for volunteering may differ, but there is one thing that everyone has in common – the feeling that they transforming lives, including their own. Our volunteer needs are many, whether your experience with horses is life-long or minimal, your willingness to give of yourself and your time is what we need.

Volunteering with HorsePower is a great way to:

  • Meet and work with new people in your community.

  • Make a difference to your community. 

  • Learn new skills and gain confidence.

  • Improve your own life and the lives of others in practical and long-lasting ways

  • Improve your physical fitness and mental health. 

  • Have fun in a way you may not have thought possible.

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We have regular, weekly and fortnightly volunteer opportunities to help make a difference in your community.



Side-walkers are a vital link of communication between coaches and participants. Sidewalkers work with participants to provide emotional, educational, and  physical support so they can work towards their goals.

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Horse Leaders

Horse leaders are responsible for the safe leading of horses during sessions. Additionally horse leaders assist with preparing horses for sessions including grooming and tacking up.


Administration Assistants

Administration Assistants support the service delivery team providing generalist administration assistance. They are involved in a variety of administrative tasks which in turn enables the service delivery team to provide support to the community.


Maintenance Crew

The maintenance crew help centres to maintain the beauty and safety of their environment. They assist with unloading hay, maintaining horse stalls/yards, paddocks and equipment.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities


Today’s youth participate in community service for a variety of reasons: school requirements, club participation, resume building and a simple desire to do good in the community. There are numerous benefits for youth to volunteer with HorsePower Australia. 
(If you are between 12 and 18 years consider joining our junior volunteer program. Apply below)

Junior Volunteer Program

Start transforming lives today

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Group volunteer opportunities are great for local community groups, university student groups, high schools, and corporate teams

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Property Enhancement 

Property maintenance for 13 centres across the state and 120 horses is no small task!  Groups are welcome to come and help ensure the safety and beautification of our centre facilities to help enrich the HorsePower experience for our participants and their families. 

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Special Events

HorsePower Australia and its 13 affiliated centres have several annual events throughout the year.  Many hands providing time and  talent are needed to ensure the excellence of each event.


Special Projects

Special projects can be enhanced by skills-based volunteers offering their knowledge and understanding to help shape our future. These can include business planning, financial modelling, strategic planning, policy development, advertising and marketing.  Your skills can help people with diversabilities discover new abilities. 

Group Voluteer Opportunities

Take your corporate volunteer program on the ride of a lifetime.


Work Experience is available for those interested in learning about working with people with disabilities, animals, or the equine-assisted activities and therapies that we offer. 

Work Experience


Do I need horse experience to volunteer with HorsePower?

No, on the job training will be provided. 

Do I need to wear anything specific? 

Closed in shoes are a must. We recommend that you wear long pants and a shirt with sleeves and don't forget a hat and sunscreen. 

I would like to volunteer but I don't want to work with the horses is there anything else I can do?

HorsePower centres have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. We can always use a hand with property maintenance, fundraising and administration, just to name a few. 

Do I need an NDIS Workers Screening Check?

Yes as an NDIS service provider we require all new volunteers to undertake a successful NDIS Workers Screening Check?

Do I need a Working with Children Check?

Yes as the majority of our participants are under the age of 18 you will be required to undertake a successful WWCC unless exemptions apply.

I am under 18 years old, can I volunteer?

Yes, you can volunteer from the age of 12. Please contact your local HorsePower Centre if you would like further information. 

Can I volunteer with my children?

Yes, if your child is 12 years or older you can volunteer with them. Please contact you local HorsePower Centre for more information. 

It looks like you have a lot of volunteers, do you really need me?

We always have volunteer needs. Some participants need to have three volunteer supports at a time. It might not be clear why someone would need that many volunteers, but if you are asked to walk alongside one of our participants, he or she needs you there. 

Will I get a statement to confirm the number of hoursI have volunteered?

We understand the importance of recognising the number of hours invested in volunteering. A statement confirming hours and volunteering duties can be provided upon request. 

If I sign up to volunteer, is it only for one hour?

If you commit to volunteer for a session (leading or side-walking), we ask that you commit for the entire 9 – 10 week term. We understand that things come up, and that there might be some absences. The more consistency you can provide for HorsePower participants, the better! Some volunteers like to volunteer for one hour a week and some like to volunteer for a day. Whatever you are able to commit to, we would appreciate. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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