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There's so much to love about being a volunteer at  HorsePower. Our horses. The participants we support. But most of all the priceless transformations

our participants will make with your help.

HorsePower Australia Community Coaches

Current Need: All centres 

Position Summary: HorsePower Australia accredited coaches are responsible for all activities involving equines, including planning, organising and delivering our equine facilitated activities and programs to individuals with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges – diversabilities.

Coaches undergo training and accreditation to ensure HorsePower Australia programs are delivered in a
safe environment and that the coach is aware of their responsibility to deliver these programs in line with
HorsePower Australia guidelines, policies and procedures.

Time Commitment: Be able to commit consistently to at least two hours a week. 

Age: Minimum of 15 years old to commence as a trainee Assistant Community Coach and 16 to commence as trainee Community Coach level 1.

Duties include but not limited to:

  • Providing quality services in an environment that is safe, professional, fun and representative of the
    high standards of the HorsePower Australia brand.

  •  Teaching relevant skills in horsemanship and equine-facilitated programs to enrich an individual’s experience with the horse and develop their abilities.

  • Conducting participant assessments, assessing their medical conditions, needs and suitability for
    HorsePower programs.

  • Developing programs to meet the individual needs, goals and outcomes of participants and volunteers.

  • Undertaking regular risk management assessments to ensure the ongoing safety of programs, activities and events.

  • Assisting in the selection, training and ongoing education of horses suitable for programs delivered.

  • Implement and coordinate a horse welfare & well-being program within the centre.

  • Assisting in the selection or adaption of equipment to support individuals with diversabilities to access
    equine-facilitated programs safely.

Horse Leader

Current Need: All centres 

Position Summary: A leaders primary responsibility is to the horse, i.e. prepare the horse for sessions, maintain safety spacing and help the horse follow the directions of the participant during sessions. 

Time Commitment: Be able to commit consistently to at least one and a half hours a week. 

Age: Minimum of 12 years old


  • Warm up the horse/pony prior to sessions (see Module __Safety Around Horses)

  • Ensure tack is correctly fitting.

  • Aid in mounting by positioning and controlling the horse/pony during this activity.

  • Lead the horse/pony, assisting the participant as specified by the coach in charge.

  • Maintain safety in the arena by keeping horses/ponies at a safe distance from others.

  • Listen to and follow coaches’ instructions.

  • Ensure compliance with HorsePower policies & procedures.

  • Where there is no side walker, your role may also include providing support to the participant to assist them in following their coaches’ instructions and controlling the horse/pony.

  • If a situation arises where you must choose between the participant and the horse, the participant always comes first. However, if a side walker is present then your responsibility is to take care of the horse and they will assist the participant.

Horse Welfare Volunteer

Current Need: All centres 

Position Summary: Assist the Horse welfare team with mucking out, feeding, grooming and other horse care as needed. 

Time Commitment: Be able to commit consistently to at least two hours a week. 

Age: Minimum of 12 years old


  • Clean/muck out empty horse stalls.

  • Scrub water troughs

  • Stock hay and shavings

  • Complete yard work including mowing, raking, weeding etc.

  • Groom/bathe the horses.

  • Assist with the feeding of horses.

  • Assist with other horse care duties as needed including administering medicine. 

Side Walker

Current Need: All centres 

Position Summary: Assist participants (during sessions, mounting and dismounting), help them to guide their horse during the session and to follow coaches instructions as necessary.

Time Commitment: Be able to commit consistently to at least one and a half hours a week. 

Age: Minimum of 12 years old


  • Assist the participant to fit their riding helmet, if necessary.

  • Ensure the participant  is suitably and safely dressed for riding (closed-in shoes, no flapping items of clothing) and let the Coach know if the items are not appropriate.

  •  If special items of equipment are required by the participant, ensure the equipment is available and correctly fitted.

  • Listen to and follow the therapist/coach’s instructions. Relay the instructions to the client/rider, providing support if necessary to follow the instructions and to control the horse/pony.

  • Ensure compliance with HorsePower policies & procedures. Complete basic paperwork as instructed by the coach.

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Virtual Auction Volunteer

Current Need: State Association

Position Summary: Assist with sourcing a range of auction items for HorsePower Australia's biggest fundraising event 'Night at the Races' silent and live auctions. 

Time Commitment: Be able to commit consistently to at least one hour a week 
Period: June - Sep 2021


  • Source donation items from local businesses.

  • Organise collection of items and delivery to event storage.

  • Group items together to make packages to increase value.

  • Make sure all items are entered into event spreadsheet. 

  • Write descriptions for items and packages. 

  • Prepare certificates for intangible items. 

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