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HorsePower Australia

Formerly known as Riding for the Disabled Western Australia

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Riding to a richer, happier life.


You can help us transform the lives and capabilities of children and adults in WA living with disabilities and mental health issues.

With the end of the financial year fast approaching we are sharing stories that show how horse riding changes everything for children and adults living with disabilities. From improving physical and emotional health, to nurturing confidence, life skills and independence, the therapeutic benefits are life changing.

Rebekah’s Story

Rebekah was born with spina bifida and has spent much of her life in a wheelchair. In 1999, at the age of six, her parents took her to the RDA Hills Group with a view to improving the movement in her joints and strengthening her muscles. Little did they know that this would be the start of a journey of discovery and achievement that would transform Rebekah’s health and life, not only as a child, but as an adult.

From Max, the first pony Rebekah rode as a six-year-old, through to Brian, who she has ridden since 2012, Rebekah’s journey with RDA and her equestrian friends (two-legged and four-legged) has been a remarkable one. It has transformed her mobility, independence, self-confidence and emotional wellbeing – when Rebekah was diagnosed with a mental health issue, her relationship with Brian took on a whole new dimension and importance.

It’s also a journey that has seen Rebekah compete in a host of dressage competitions and, since 2016, train with a number of dressage coaches from around the world – Paralympian Sharon Jarvis, Jon Pitts and Katrin Kuenstler to name a few. She is now a key member of WA’s Para-equestrian Dressage Development Squad and the RDAWA Dressage Development Squad.

“RDA isn’t just a place for kids with disabilities to have a pony ride. It’s a place where they can learn a diverse range of skills, enjoy a sense of freedom, make lifelong friends and improve their quality of life.”

Rebekah Millard


Yes, I’d like to help others benefit from RDA’s work

While horse riding is widely regarded as an invaluable therapy, providing a host of therapeutic benefits for children and adults living with disabilities, keeping horses is expensive. We wouldn’t be able to do everything we do without the generous support of our donors and volunteers.
Please help us help more families in WA living with disabilities.

The difference your donation makes
Funding from the NDIS goes some way to enabling our centres to help children and families living with disabilities, but we still rely on donations. Here’s how your donation will make a difference:

•    $25 provides one hour of training for a horse riding coach to support people with disabilities.
•    $50 gives one free riding session to a child or adult living with a disability (who is unable to claim financial support from the NDIS).
•    $100 feeds one of our specially chosen and trained horses for a fortnight.
•    $500 gives a whole term of riding sessions to a child or adult living with a disability.
•    $2,600 sponsors one of our specially chosen and trained horses for a year.
•    $6,000 provides one year of training and development for a horse riding coach to support children and adults living with disabilities.

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