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HorsePower Australia

Formerly known as Riding for the Disabled Western Australia

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How to access individualised funding for HorsePower programs

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS / WA NDIS) is the new way of providing individualised support for eligible people with permanent and significant disability, their families and carers. In Western Australia we currently have two trials in operation and RDAWA provides services in both. 


RDAWA is a recognised service provider with the Disability Services Commission (DSC) and has successfully tendered for an Indiviudal Panel Contract which allows us to provide WA NDIS indiviualised services to people with disabilities and mental health problems under the Wellbeing: Recreation, education and employment support cluster. We are currently working with NDIA to become a registered provider in the Federal scheme. 


Developing an Individualised Plan and having RDA programs included is the first step to receiving funding for our unique services under both the NDIS and WA NDIS models. As RDAWA transitions from DSC block funding to individualised funding it is important that our current participants consider RDAWA when developing their NDIS plans. If therapeutic horse-facilitated programs are deemed appropriate and approved within your NDIS plan, you will be able to access indivudal funding to undertake our program. If horse-facilitated therapy programs are not deemed appropriate for you through the NDIS; then alternative payment options will be available. If you need help discussing your RDA needs with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or NDIS Coordinator please contact your local centre for assistance. 

HorsePower is a registered service provider with Disability Services, WANDIS and NDIS, providing services that improve the wellbeing of participants and provide opportunities for social and community participation. 

Why include RDAWA in an idiviudals plan?

The simple pleasure of working with horses is the basis of our programs. RDAWA activities are designed to complement conventional therapies and education through the freedom of movement, gaining confidence, creating friendships and achieving individual goals. 

The warmth and three dimensional movement of the horse is transferred through the rider’s body, helping to make it more relaxed and supple, strengthening core stability, reducing spasms and improving balance, posture and 


Our sessions are designed to develop, increase and improve:


  • Physical abilities: muscle tone & strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, fitness, posture and independence.

  • Psychological abilities: concentration, problem solving and decision making, self-esteem and confidence.

  • Social abilities: communication and social skills, learning appropriate behaviour and manners.

  • Recreational/sport/vocational abilities: equestrian skills and horse management, challenge and success in competition with self and others, and community participation.

Existing RDAWA participants:
  • Contact the RDAWA centre that the individual attends to confirm their involvement. 

  • Once confirmed request a formal quote / service costing from RDAWA. 


New participants
  • Contact your local RDAWA centre to enquire if there is a vacancy for the individual.
    Please note:

        * Due to the demand for our services some centres have waiting lists in    
           place, however they will try their best to accommodate you as soon as

         * in order to maintain the health and welfare of our horses, weight limits
           do apply at various centres.

  • Arrange a time for the individual to visit the centre to meet with a coach. (This meeting will allow the coach to assess the individuals needs in order to match a horse / pony and volunteers suitable to assist them). 

  • Paperwork to be completed and returned to the centre. (Including application to participate, medical practitioners consent form and participant assessment plan). 

  • Request for formal quote / service costing submitted to RDAWA either directly or via NDIA portal. 

  • Once quotes / service costings are approved a member of the RDAWA team will contact the individual to arrange a start date. (Please note the majority of RDAWA centres do not operate during the hot summer months - Dec to Feb).

How to access RDAWA programs for individuals.
Information for LAC's & Coordinators
Why include RDAWA in an idiviudals plan?
What happens at an RDAWA centre?

RDAWA activities are designed to encourage participation and the development of individual abilities. Individuals with the assistance of their coach, parents, teachers or carers develop their own goals. 


A typical session will involve:

  • Getting ready for your session by ensuring you have the correct safety gear on (Riding helmet and boots which are supplied for you).

  • Catching up with your team of coaches, volunteers and horse as you prepare for mounting.

  • Warm-up activities.

  • Session activities designed to develop your abilities and achieve your goals.

  • Cool Down.

  • Dismount and thanking your team for their help during your session.

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