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Hearts & Horses Participant Scholarship

Transforming lives one hoof-beat at a time. 

“Being a part of an accepting community like HorsePower has helped grow Lachlan's confidence and his ability to connect with people from all walks of life."
Kylie Beveridge, Lachlan’s mother.

The Hearts & Horses Participant Scholarship is offered in partnership with our partners Community TAB to participants with demonstrated financial need & circumstances that hinder their ability to participate in HorsePower programs that harness the therapeutic power of horses to transform their physical health and emotional wellbeing.  Participants may apply once a year for a scholarship to assist them to access HorsePower programs at their local centre.


Scholarships are awarded by the Hearts & Horses scholarship committee based on the number of eligible applicants, as well as the amount of funds available for financial assistance each year.


Our program costs are generously subsidised by the kindness of our local community, donors, and sponsors; therefore, our session fees only cover a fraction of the actual cost to provide our service. The fee for HorsePower sessions is $52 per participant. The total fee for a year based on 40 weeks per year comes to $2,080. While these fees are heavily subsidised thanks to Community TAB we are able to offer the Hearts & Horses Scholarship to further ensure our programs remain accessible to those needing further assistance.

Eligibility & Evaluation Criteria

To be eligible to apply for the Hearts & Horses Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • The participant must be physically, intellectually, emotionally or socially challenged.

  • The participant must be registered and medically cleared to participate in HorsePower Australia programs at an affiliated centre.

  • The participant must demonstrate a financial need &/or circumstances that hinder their participation in HorsePower Australia programs.

  • The participant does not receive NDIS funds that could be applied to HorsePower Australia programs.

  • The participant must have clear goals for what they would like to achieve through HorsePower Australia programs and be willing to provide feedback on the achievement of these goals at the end of the scholarship period.



APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 10th JANUARY 2020. Please complete this application form and return to HorsePower Australia, 303 Cathedral Avenue, Brigadoon WA 6069 or Scholarship recipients will be notified at the beginning of February.


COACHES / VOLUNTEERS: Please involve the individual, family, &/or advocate when applying.


QUESTIONS? Contact Kelly Mansfield at or on 0499 606 238.

Supports an individual with one session.


Supports an individual for a term (10 sessions)


Supports an individual for two terms (20 sessions)


Supports an individual for three terms (30 sessions)


Supports an individual for the who year (40 sessions)


“Lachlan gets so much from each session, not only on a physical level, through building his core strength, upper body, fine motor and balance – it’s also more on a spiritual level. Lachlan becomes very grounded during his time with Bailey and his ability to focus and concentrate while listening to instructions has really developed as a result of his sessions.”

Kylie Beveridge, Lachlan’s mother.

Become a HorsePower Hero 


Join Community TAB and become a HorsePower Hero and support individuals with a disability to access life-changing therapies and activities through HorsePower. Any donation big or small can make a difference in someones life and the life of their family. Get involved in something special and help people with diversabilities develop new skills, discover new abilities and define the life they want to live. 

Hearts & Horses Resources

Download the Hearts & Horses Scholarship application form below.

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