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Brigadoon WA 6069

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Monday - Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm

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HorsePower Australia

Formerly known as Riding for the Disabled Western Australia

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Horse Welfare Fund

RDAWA has 170 horses and ponies and we could not achieve what we do without them. They provide us with the opportunity to enrich lives and develop abilities. Our horses give many years’ service and our participants and volunteers often form a special bond with them.

RDAWA is a unique service provider, in that we have the welfare of our horses to consider in our operation. The cost of keeping horses is increasing and includes:

• Purchasing or leasing costs
• Provision of Shelter
• Maintenance
• Feeding
• Equipment
• Farrier and Veterinary costs
• Transport


It costs approx $3,000pa to ensure the welfare of an RDAWA horse/pony. 

Coach Development Fund

Our centres would not be able to operate without our dedicated and skilled Coaches.


Support us to provide training and education to new and current coaches, so they can continue to deliver our programs to those in need within the WA community. 


It costs $5,000 to train an RDAWA coach. 

Centre Development Fund

There is a growing need for services such as RDA within WA communities and we are seeing an increased interest in the establishment of RDA centres within local communities.

Support us to assist local communities in the establishment and expansion of RDA programs to meet the needs of individuals within those areas. 


It costs $70,000pa to support and develop our centres across the State. 

Participant Development Fund

It is our goal to be able to provide our services to all eligible individuals in need of the befefits of RDAWA programs, regardless of their financial situation.


Support us to establish a Scholarship program. This program will help cover the costs of weekly RDAWA programs for those in need within our community.


It costs $2,105pa to participate in RDAWA programs. 

Riding Develops Ability Awards

RDAWA Riding Develops Ability Awards recognise the work of our coaches, volunteers and horses as well as celebrate the achievements and abilities of our riders and recognising the contribution made to the community and RDAWA by its business partners. 


The following partnership opportunities are available for the RDA Awards:

  • Naming rights partner $6,000

  • Award Category partner $1,300


Award categories are:

  • Volunteer of the Year 

  • Leon Mill Memorial (young volunteer of the year)

  • Coach of the Year 

  • Horse of the Year

  • Business Partner of the Year

  • Most improved rider of the Year

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