Wills & bequests

The gift of a lifetime.

Leaving a gift to HorsePower Australia in your Will

is a special way you can make an unforgettable

difference to the lives of people with diversabilities

for generations to come. 

A legacy donation could mean so much to the next generation, providing support for them to develop their strength, muscle tone and confidence to realise their full potential and dreams for a better tomorrow. 

Making a legacy donation to charity is not a decision to rush. You may choose to provide HorsePower Australia with one of the following bequests in your Will:

Residual bequest: A percentage or whole of what is left of your estate after you have provided for your loved ones. 

Pecuniary bequest: A fixed sum of money.

Specific bequest: A particular item which can be sold to support the organisation i.e. shares, real estate, art etc. 

If you do wish to include a bequest to HorsePower Australia please let us know . We want to make sure you are happy with that decision and that you are kept up to date with what we are doing in the local community. 

Become a Hearts & Hooves Member

When you let us know that you have included HorsePower Australia in your Will, we would like to recognise your kinness and generosity. 

You will be invited to become a member of our 'Hearts & Hooves' program. 'Hearts & Hooves' is designed to give you the opportunity to meet the people behind HorsePower Australia and for us to meet and thank you for your incredibly thoughtful gift. As a 'Hearts & Hooves' member you will have the opportunity to attend special events and meet other supporters and some of the participants who benefit from our programs.  


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