• Horse Riding

    HorsePower Australia riding programs teach people with disabilities how to
    ride a horse. Structured programs, conducted under the instruction of
    accredited HorsePower Australia coaches with the assistance of specially
    trained volunteer supports and accredited horses, provides individuals with
    both physical and emotional rewards.

  • Carriage Driving

    Participants learn a variety of skills while navigating
    our wheelchair accessible, horse-drawn carriages
    with the help of a HorsePower Australia accredited
    coach and specially trained volunteer supports.

  • Vaulting

    Vaulting combines beauty, power, strength, dance and gymnastics 
    all in harmony with the horse. Our vaulting programs provide participants                                                                                                                                                                                                              with an opportunity to improve their health and provides the opportunity
    for social inclusion and the development of self-confidence.

  • Hippotherapy

    Specially trained physical therapists, occupational therapists
    and speech/language pathologists apply the movement, rhythm
    and repetition of the horse as a treatment strategy to assist participants
    to achieve therapeutic goals.

  • Walking with Horses

    Something deeply transformative happens when participants
    spend time with the horse. Participants receive hands-on
    guidance from specially trained volunteers to help them relax
    and connect with the horse, improving their physical and
    emotional wellbeing.